576,249 people live in Luxembourg, 47% of which are foreign nationals.  On the 8th of October 2017, you’ll all have the chance to take part in our communal elections.  By taking part in these elections, you can directly choose the representatives (communal councillors) who will defend your interests over the next 6 years.

You need to get your name on the electoral register if (Sign on to the electoral register for the communal elections.):

  • life in your commune is important to you;
  • social cohesion matters to you;
  • you think that foreign nationals should be heard and have a bigger say in local politics.

So make a choice and cast your vote:

  • YOU can have a say in your commune by choosing who you want to represent your interests;
  • YOU are the key to ensuring that the communal council manages the region with your interests in mind;
  • Voting is a constitutional right.  It is a fundamental way to take part in the social, economic, political and cultural life of your commune.

So register today to vote in your commune.  When you abstain, you’re letting someone else decide for you.